Player Development

Development Details

The Pacific Coast coaching staff will enhance each player's skill level and knowledge of the game. Hitters will learn to be technically sound with their swing for a higher batting average, increased power, and adding consistent contact with fewer strikeouts.


 Pitchers will learn proper mechanics, allowing consistency in accuracy, while gaining velocity with same effort.  Pitchers will learn how to hold runners on base with different pickoff moves, and will be quicker to the plate with slide steps without losing velocity.  

Infielders & Outfielders

  Our Infielders learn footwork, soft hands, first step, range, angles, and anticipations. Outfielders learn how to judge fly balls, technique on positioning, first step jumps, angles, crow hops, swing reads and adjusting their position with each hitter and fellow outfielder. 


  Catchers will learn how to block, receive and frame. They will work on their footwork, balance and proper technique for quicker pop up times and better accuracy. Catchers learn how to call pitches by reading hitters stances, body language, and tendencies. 

Base Stealing

Players learn proper Base Stealing technique for each base , effective slides, lead offs , dive backs and what to look for on pick off moves 

Arm Strength

 Effective arm strength drills for all Players allowing them all to throw faster, further, and healthier.